Episode 622: Betty Fussell

December 15, 2017
Listen: Betty Fussell

J. Kenji López-Alt (Serious Eats, The Food Lab) takes us around the world in search of unique breakfasts. Molly Birnbaum and Dan Souza from America's Test Kitchen look at the science and skill of using bitterness in your cooking. Food journalist and matriarch Betty Fussell shares insight from her illustrious career in Eat, Live, Love, Die. Field reporter Shaina Shealy looks at the tradition and turmoil that comes with olive harvest season in the West Bank. Dan Zigmond finds the middle way to health and happiness by following Buddha's Diet.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • January 13, 2017 (originally aired)

  • December 15, 2017 (rebroadcast)