Episode 625: Fed, White, and Blue

February 24, 2017
Listen: Fed, White, and Blue

Writer Rowan Jacobsen goes deep undercover to discover the otherworldly powers of tea while visiting a group of tea connoisseurs in Montreal. Longtime Hawaii resident and The Poke Cookbook author Martha Cheng discusses the history and evolution of her state's classic raw fish salad dish. Chef and Food Network host Simon Majumdar decides to become an American citizen, but not before visiting every state in the union to learn more about the people who make our country's food heritage so rich. He tells us about his many adventures and his book inspired by the journey Fed, White, and Blue. Plus, America Test Kitchen reviews a full line-up of muffin tins to fine the perfect one for your kitchen.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • February 24, 2017