This recipe for the Louisiana classic dish serves 10 on a Monday night in New Orleans, or anywhere and anytime lovers of New Orleans gather.

A smoky, peppery, hearty Spanish chowder that will warm you straight to the bones. Perfect for the end of summer, when the corn and tomatoes are at their peak and the evening wind holds a faint chill.

A quick and easy soup from chef Amanda Cohen that pops with flavors of tomato, rosemary and lemon. This soup was included her Cohen's The Key 3 segment on The Splendid Table.

I’d tried lobster and fish pho at Vietnamese restaurants in the United States and was surprised (and somewhat aghast) that they simply cooked the seafood in beef pho broth. The lesson learned from those experiences was this: seafood pairs well with pho spices.

Great for pho beginners, this recipe is also terrific for cooks in a hurry. It involves less than 45 minutes, during which you’ll doctor up store-bought broth so it says, “I’m pho-ish.”

This version of perfect cold weather food incorporates ground annatto seeds to perfume the soup with a musky aroma and splash the potatoes with a sunny disposition.