A smoky, peppery, hearty Spanish chowder that will warm you straight to the bones. Perfect for the end of summer, when the corn and tomatoes are at their peak and the evening wind holds a faint chill.

It can be hard to resist a recipe that includes the phrase “lime-scented sour cream” so why even try. Cauliflower is simmered until tender, pureed until smooth, enriched with a scoop of that lime-scented sour cream and then served with crumbles of crisp chorizo and another dollop of that cream.

Wild rice preservation advocate Marcia Lavine has this recipe for a savory dish showcasing the grain and three types of sausage.

This is a simple stew that delivers big flavor.

My favorite thing to do with a winter squash is to stuff it.

A cross between a soup and a stew, this hearty recipe is as filling as it is savory and delicious.

A Spanish twist on brussels and bacon done in the style of a stir-fry.