We are excited to share a new podcast that we're working on with our dear friend, the cookbook author and New York Times food writer Melissa Clark. Weeknight Kitchen with Melissa Clark takes on one of the biggest dilemmas of busy people: what are we going to eat? In each episode, you’ll join Melissa in her own home kitchen, working through one of her favorite recipes and offering helpful advice for both beginners and seasoned cooks. It’s a practical guide for weeknight eating, from the makers of The Splendid Table.

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Episode 1: Sheet Pan Magic

Episode 2: There Are Always Eggs!

Episode 3: A New Way With Salmon

Episode 4: A Nibble and a Cocktail

Episode 5: Top Chef's Gail Simmons Stops By

Episode 6: Up Your Chicken Game

Episode 7: Shredded What?

Episode 8: Shake Your Way to a Better Salad

Episode 9: Dueling Sheet Pans

Episode 10: Grown-Up Chicken Tenders

Episode 11: Instant Pot Mommy Food

Episode 12: Epic Thanksgiving Potatoes

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