All About Fondue

February 20, 2018
Listen: All About Fondue

Welcome to Splendid Table Selects. This is where we pull together some of our favorite interviews -- from the past and present -- to showcase conversations that surprised us, illuminated something new in our world, or have proven to be especially useful in the kitchen. The first time that travel writer Tim Neville smelled cheese fondue, he did not even want to try it; he says the aroma was dreadful. But his first taste convinced him otherwise, and converted him into a lifelong fondue fanatic. The Splendid Table contributor David Leite talks with Neville about his early days of fondue discovery, learning from fondue masters in Switzerland, and the formula he believes will yield amazing fondue for anyone that follows the proper steps. Listen to their interview, watch our video, and read more fondue wisdom from Tim Neville by way of The Fondue Manifesto. Then you'll be ready to try Neville's suggested recipe for 007 Fondue.

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Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • February 20, 2018