The unsung cut: America’s Test Kitchen takes on South Carolina smoked fresh ham

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When you think of barbecued pork, you likely think of a shoulder, butt, or ribs smoking low and slow for hours on end. But America's Test Kitchen and its Cook's Country crew recently uncovered the joy of a cut rarely used for barbecue. Fresh ham is cut from the shank area of pig's hind quarters; it has less fat the more typical pork cuts. After it is smoked for several hours, you get a meat that is leaner, a bit chewier (thanks to the addition of chopped cracklin'), and a wonderful change to pulled pork. Managing producer Sally Swift talks with Tucker Shaw from Cook's Country about the process and shared a recipe for South Carolina Fresh Smoked Ham.

Tucker Shaw
Tucker Shaw
(Photo: America's Test Kitchen)

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June 16th, 2017

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