After all the conversation on this week’s episode about soup, the Splendid Table team decided to do a blind-tasting of readily available, commercial chicken stock of their own.  Be warned that this was definitely not a scientific nor totally fair exercise thanks to the limitations of pandemic grocery shopping. However, Managing Producer Sally Swift sent each team member, Francis, Jenny, and Erika a care package with four different chicken broth brands and enlisted their spouses to prepare the tasting so that it would be a truly blind-tasting.  

The stock was warmed in the microwave, poured it into a clear plastic cup and labeled it with a number.  And off they went.

Stock 1: Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock

Second Place

There isn’t much of a chicken aroma here, but the taste was better than expected. It actually did taste like chicken soup, perfect for something you won’t be cooking very long, a quick soup or sauce. 


Stock 2: Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Stock

Fourth Place

Our least favorite. This smell reminded some of us of chicken bouillon or instant ramen. The overall taste was very processed and thin with a muddy yellowish-brown color. 


Stock 3: College Inn 100% Natural Chicken Broth

Third Place

This broth has real chicken flavor with ample salt. It was the clearest of all the stocks and the salt flavor is pretty noticeable and found to be a bit enjoyable. 


Stock 4: Swanson Chicken Broth Low Sodium 


This broth had pieces of chicken fat floating on the surface with a subtle fragrance of vegetable and herbs. This stock smelled the most like chicken with a deeper flavor than all the other brands.