I first heard of Bryant Terry almost 20 years ago, when he started a program in New York City that taught underserved kids how to cook delicious and healthy meals after school, bring that food back home, and become the spark to empower their families to take control of their health and diets. He was brilliant and charismatic, and he’s since gone on to become the chef-in-residence of the Museum of the African Diaspora. He's also the author of four vegan cookbooks including his newest, the eagerly awaited Vegetable Kingdom. Even though he has an obvious focus on vegetables, he’s said it’s not his goal to convert anyone to veganism; he just wants more people to get down with how good vegetables are, and to remember the joy and pleasure of eating. Listen to our interview with Bryant Terry and try his recipe for Citrus and Garlic-Herb Braised Fennel.

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The recipe for Citrus and Garlic-Herb Braised Fennel comes from Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom. Photo: Celeste Noche

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VIDEO: The Dish: Acclaimed chef Bryant Terry promotes food sustainability (CBS This Morning)

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