It's early March, the sky is blue and the weather is above 30 degrees for the first time in weeks. Just when you thought Old Man Winter was in the rear view mirror, the calendar reminds you that spring is here just yet. Surprise! An epic snowstorm is forecast to dump a foot of snow on your town over the next 48 hours. There's two ways of looking at this situation. One is with dread. It's going to be a long weekend bundled up and battling the snow with shovels, snowblowers, salt and scrapers. Or, you can look at as an opportunity to enjoy comfort food while settling in for the weekend trapped indoors. For those of you more inclined to head into the kitchen during a winter storm, we've gathered recipes for breakfast, soups/stews, slow cooker, and cocktails. Stay warm and be safe out there, folks!


The day before (or after) a big snow storm calls for a big breakfast. You're going to need a lot of energy for snow removal efforts or if you're hitting the slopes or sledding hill. Regardless of your plans, we suggest this ultimate breakfast sandwich from Gail Simmons.

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Recipe: My Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

"The perfect fried egg sandwich means different things to different people. Find just the right one and you are guaranteed bliss for many mornings (or late nights!) to come. For me, a lot has to do with the layering strategy (a well-thought-out stack can help keep layers from sliding out the side of the sandwich!), as well as how the eggs are cooked (I like mine fried with edges slightly crispy, and yolk just runny enough to coat everything when you take a bite, without getting lost to the plate). Another equally important factor is the inclusion of a little acidic tang to play off the fat of the egg yolk and cheese. My answer to this is mustard and pickles. I discovered these unconventional additions when I was in college in Montreal, and often frequented a burger joint called La Paryse. My favorite dish on the menu was the egg sandwich with pickles. Now, when I wake up a little rough around the edges and need a substantial meal to start the day, this is it." - Gail Simmons



A slow-moving winter storm means plenty of time to "set it and forget it." Here are some recipes perfect for breaking out the slow cooker and enjoying at the end of the cold day.

Photo: America's Test Kitchen

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Memphis-Style Wet Ribs

"For flavorful ribs from the slow cooker, we cut the St. Louis-style ribs in half crosswise, coated each half liberally in a spice rub (a mix of paprika, brown sugar, salt, pepper, onion powder, and granulated garlic), arranged them on end (exposed rib side down) around the rim of the cooking insert, and let them slowly cook until tender. To get that signature shiny, sticky finish, we made an easy barbecue sauce that we brushed onto to the ribs before broiling them." - America's Test Kitchen

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Nothing fights off the frigid cold of late winter like a warm bowl of soup or a hearty stew. Here are some of our favorites for this time of year.

Photo: Matthew Benson

Recipe: Locro de Papas (Peruvian Potato Soup)

Raghavan Iyer's version of a Peruvian classic incorporates ground annatto seeds to perfume the soup with a musky aroma and splash the potatoes with a sunny disposition. Simple, creamy, and warming.



It's been a long day of slipping and sliding across the icy sidewalk, slinging wet heavy snow over your shoulder, and getting pelted in the face by sleet and high winds. We suggest a warm cocktail to take the edge off at the end of the night.

Photo: Rachel Joy Baransi for The Kitchn

Recipe: Hot Cranberry Punch with Sage and Peppercorns

"This drink is sweet, herbal, and a little spicy around the edges. It's made of cranberries simmered with honey and a bottle of the driest inexpensive Riesling you can find. Sage leaves give it a tonic aroma, and Benedictine — a classic liqueur with notes of sweet herbs and citrus — rounds it out. As you can see, the color is gorgeous." - Maria del Mar Sacasa for The Kitchn


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