For some couples, cooking is an intimate activity that brings them closer by preparing food with one another. Whether you're looking for menu ideas for Valentine's or just a casual night-in, we pulled together some of our favorite recipes that are built for two. (Some may actually serve four or more, but that just means you'll have leftovers - or maybe a midnight snack!)


Photo: Chantell Quernemoen

Recipe: Asian Scotch Eggs

"I knew I loved Scotch eggs long before I even tasted one," says recipe author Molly Yeh, "when they were nothing but a character starring in my British snack dreams. There is objectively nothing not to love about a Scotch egg. It’s eggie, meaty, and fried. Done. Get me seven." This recipe makes four eggs because one won't be enough for either of you.

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Photo: Salad Samurai

Recipe: Blueberry Tamari Greens Bowl

"This unexpectedly delicious combination of blueberries, cucumbers, and savory tamari dressing is habit forming. Served on spinach it is dandy, but if you can find delicate tatsoi (a Japanese green akin to tender bok choy) use that instead!" - Terry Hope Romero



Photo: Kris Kirkham

Recipe: Garlicky Georgian Poussins

The tempting aroma of garlic will fill your home as poussins are roasted. Drizzle the poussins with the herby juices, or mop the juices up with some good bread along with Tkhemali (Georgian Plum Chutney)



Photo: Eric Wolfinger

Recipe: Fusilli & Roasted Cauliflower with Capers

"This dish brings out the Jack Sprat in my relationship with my husband. Daniel adores pasta. I adore roasted cauliflower. So when I make this dish, I give him most of the pasta and only a few of the soft, nutty, browned florets. Then I take most of the cauliflower and only a few pieces of the fusilli. As long as I’m careful to divide the capers and pine nuts evenly, we both end up completely and utterly thrilled. Not to say this dish isn’t just as terrific if you have a more normal relationship with both your dinner and your spouse. I’m just saying it really works for us. Feel free to substitute Brussels sprouts or broccoli for the cauliflower." - Melissa Clark



Photo: Kyotofu

Recipe: Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes with Shiro-an Cream

"Most chocolate cupcake recipes call for only cocoa powder, but I use high-quality melted chocolate in Kyotofu’s version. I find that it imparts a much more potent and nuanced flavor than cocoa alone (and if you’re going to eat chocolate, you might as well really go for it, right?). But the real secret to these cupcakes, which were once ranked the city’s best by New York Magazine, is miso: the salty, buttery paste intensifies their chocolate flavor in a big way." - Nicole Bermensolo


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