Cauliflower is roasted until nicely browned, then tossed with garlic, pine nuts, capers, a jolt of lemon zest and freshly cooked pasta. Finish with shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano and another layer of lemon and grab a fork

A quick and easy soup from chef Amanda Cohen that pops with flavors of tomato, rosemary and lemon. This soup was included her Cohen's The Key 3 segment on The Splendid Table.

If you are one of the many people who have only tried cooked beets, be prepared to fall in love. The secret to the tastiest raw beets is to cut them very thinly.

This takeoff on a grilled Caesar salad replaces romaine with two colors of chicory lettuce—pale Belgian endive and scarlet radicchio. Both of these leaves are far more bitter than romaine, elevating the contrapuntal between vegetable, dressing, cheese, and salt.

Thin and crisp with a cinnamon-sugar sprinkle, these are a cross between Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and supermarket graham crackers. Unlike store-bought ones, these are a hundred percent whole grain.

Using a mix of vegetable oil and extra-virgin olive oil is crucial to the flavor of the aïoli.

Paella’s lesser-known cousin, fideos, boasts small toasted noodles simmered in a smoky tomato sauce. For a weeknight version, we swapped chorizo and shellfish for chickpeas, fennel, and kale.

Greeks use this condiment, known as tzatziki, on just about everything. It's one seriously flavorful and healthy sauce.