Episode 794: Holiday Cheer with Nik Sharma, Claire Saffitz, & Toni Tipton-Martin

December 22, 2023
Listen: Holiday Cheer with Nik Sharma, Claire Saffitz, & Toni Tipton-Martin
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This week, we have just what you need to prepare for this holiday season. First, award-winning author and food scientist Nik Sharma shares his favorite holiday traditions and food pairings that will make your vegetables shine at the table. He is the author of Veg-Table, Recipes, Techniques and Plant Science for Big-Flavored, Vegetable-Focused Meals, and he left us with his recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. Then, the internet’s most beloved cooking star, Claire Saffitz, brings us her top holiday dessert ideas. She covers everything from citrus desserts, like her Souffleed Lemon Bread Pudding, to her holiday cookies, like the Chewy Molasses Spice Cookie, and what to make for New Year's. Her latest book is What’s for Dessert, Simple Recipes for Dessert PeopleThen, award-winning author Toni Tipton–Martin, talks about historical cocktail recipes and their modern interpretations. Her latest book is Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs and Juice: Cocktails From Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks. And she left us with her recipe for Pomegranate Demerara Rum Punch.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • December 22, 2023 (originally aired)

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