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Pasta alle Vongole is one of those mystical dishes where an alchemy so delicious occurs that a list of ingredients does little to account for its depth of flavor. Pasta with clams tastes like the perfect day of surfing—salty and rich, fresh and bright, entirely satisfying.

Once, while traveling along the north shore of Oahu, The Splendid Table team stopped for lunch at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck for an island favorite, shrimp scampi--the most garlicky, luscious scampi we’d eaten. This is our divination of the recipe.

Fiskesuppe, as it’s called in Norwegian, can be found at nearly every restaurant on the Lofoten Islands of northern Norway.

Wine expert Jancis Robinson has these suggestions on wines for sharing and giving as gifts during the holidays.

Fondues are a bit like Bloody Marys in that everyone has their own way of making one.

A lush, yet light dessert that's much better if made a day ahead.

One great thing about having fish for dinner is that it doesn’t take long at all to cook.

If you think the artichokes might be a deal breaker with the kids -- make it anyway!

Gather up lobster shells and head to the stove for a simple and luxurious lesson in stock making. The briny essence of the sea that is captured in those shells is yours with a few simple steps.