sour cream

American's Test Kitchen shared this recipe with us as part of their recent muffin tins equipment review.

It can be hard to resist a recipe that includes the phrase “lime-scented sour cream” so why even try. Cauliflower is simmered until tender, pureed until smooth, enriched with a scoop of that lime-scented sour cream and then served with crumbles of crisp chorizo and another dollop of that cream.

Pile them high, as much as you like, and to your heart's content.

These are true breakfast muffins, to be enjoyed with a morning coffee.

This panna cotta is like eating vanilla ice cream.

We have no idea if this dish comes from France, but its clever simplicity feels utterly French to us.

Give an American classic an upgrade. This recipe for onion dip was born of Lynne's first lonely weeks living in Brussels back in the '80s.

Mascarpone is a delicious fresh cow's milk cheese -- it tastes like a cross between whipped cream and cream cheese.