Andrea Nguyen came up with my this sauce, inspired by the great Vietnamese Cholimex chile sauce. The tomato lends texture, balances the chile heat, and adds a slight, bright fruitiness. Choose fleshy, firm medium-hot chiles for a condiment with character.

Roast four salmon fillets and saute some spinach, it's as simple-and almost as quick-as that. The salmon on its bed of spinach is also beautiful when served family style on a large platter.

It can be hard to resist a recipe that includes the phrase “lime-scented sour cream” so why even try. Cauliflower is simmered until tender, pureed until smooth, enriched with a scoop of that lime-scented sour cream and then served with crumbles of crisp chorizo and another dollop of that cream.

One of the original street foods of the world, make this amazing Szechuan dish at home - with a spice level of your own choosing.