fish sauce

Viet cooks love to grill thinly sliced pork; it's no wonder banh mi thit nuong is one of the ubiquitous options at Viet delis. 

Shrimp cooked in caramel sauce (tom kho) is among my favorite Viet comfort foods.

This is a perfect catch-all for your summertime produce surplus. Use it as a template: make the tofu and the dressing, and add or subtract any type of sweet and crunchy vegetables you prefer.

With a split salmon head, or two, peeking up from a savory miso broth, sinigang with salmon and miso is perhaps one of the most popular variants of the Filipino sour soup.

Top with the peanuts and shallot. Serve with the sauce for diners to dress and toss their own bowls.

Put the sauce on the table so that diners can serve themselves, or portion it out in advance for serving.