It can be hard to resist a recipe that includes the phrase “lime-scented sour cream” so why even try. Cauliflower is simmered until tender, pureed until smooth, enriched with a scoop of that lime-scented sour cream and then served with crumbles of crisp chorizo and another dollop of that cream.

A velvety-smooth soup spotlighting cauliflower's many delicate flavors, accentuated by sautéed onion and leek.

When I was growing up in Bombay, this was a very common lunch dish at our house.

This is one of my favorite suppers, although there’s nothing that says you can’t serve this as a vegetable side as part of a more conventional meal.

True to my Asian roots, I regularly rustle up a stir-fry from a fridge raid of leftovers when I want a quick bite; using cauliflower as a rice substitute makes the dish even healthier.

Iranians love eggs, whatever way they are cooked, but they are especially fond of kuku, a type of open-faced omelet similar to the Italian frittata and the Arab eggah.

Creamy and mild, this simple curried soup is full of tender fall vegetables and the warming flavors of ginger and garlic.