Kitchen gadget guru Dorie Greenspan put salad spinners to the test and found them to be an indispensable tool. Spinners come in three models: crank, pull-cord, and pump. She claims they have saved countless rotator cuffs as they quickly propel water from freshly washed greens.

Crank Spinner: The oldest model on the market and the most cumbersome to operate, Dorie says it's best used in the mini-version when you want to dry just a small amount of herbs or greens. Copco makes a baby spinner that sells for about $15.

Pull-Cord Spinner: Give the little ring that dangles from the top of the spinner a few tugs and your greens are dry. Surprisingly, the cord stands up to vigorous pulling. Zyliss makes a good one that has an outer bowl attractive enough to use for serving and a plastic lid so you can store greens until needed. Expect to pay about $19 for this model.

Pump Spinner: The latest design by Oxo Good Grips works like an old-fashioned top. Push the pump and the basket starts spinning, push the brake button and it stops. The outer bowl can be used for storing washed greens as well as for serving. The price is around $27.