David says for a moderate price you can send a gift that most people will enjoy, that they can't easily get, and that reflects your good taste - extraordinarily delicious fruit. For his picks of holiday mail order fruits, David concentrates on fruits that will actually arrive around Christmas and Hanukkah - apples, pears, and citrus - and names his favorite sources for the best of each. Order early as the top varieties sell out quickly.

Tree-Mendous Fruit Farm
Eau Claire, MI
800-957-4735 or 616-782-7101
Ask for Cole's Quince, a true apple with quince aroma and flavor; or Pink Pearmain, the finest example of red-fleshed apple, colored pink all the way through. Cost is $30 for 20 apples, plus UPS charges. They also offer rare pears, such as the Flemish Beauty and the Morettini and heirloom apricots, peaches and plums in the summer.

Mission Orchards
The Comice pears from this purveyor are prime specimens - exceptionally succulent, juicy and flavorful. A box of one dozen costs $20, plus $5 shipping.