Gear up for bread baking season by checking out these tools cookbook author Dorie Greenspan reaches for when she's in the mood for some baking therapy. She claims all that kneading and punching is her preferred antidote to stress.

  • Silpat Silicon Mat: Nothing sticks to these wonders. Use them for kneading and rolling dough as well as a baking pan liner. Give them a quick wipe and they're clean.
  • Banneton Basket: This tightly woven willow basket lined with Belgian linen gently cradles and shapes rustic country loaves. At about $70.00, they are expensive but last forever. A less pricey (about $30) option is an unlined German version called at Brotform.
  • Wooden Peel: The long-handled paddle used by pizza makers is great for getting pizza, breads, even casseroles into and out of the oven.
  • Baking Stone: Oven heat cycles up and down. A baking stone keeps the temperature even.
  • Hearth Kit: Turn your regular oven into a mini bread oven with these tiles. The reward is a wonderful crust and color.