3 ideas for using guava paste

A friend who visits his family in Puerto Rico brought me a 1-pound tin of guava paste as a gift. It's very good with cheese. But since there's so much of it, I'm looking for other ways to use it.

I've had it about 6 months. How long does it keep?

It should still be fine. Guava paste is rather like fruit leather -- it's very dense and sweet. It's really beautiful stuff.

Try arranging alternate slices of guava paste and slices of good cream cheese on a small plate and drizzle on some guava juice if you have it.

Douglas Rodriguez does stuff with guava that's dynamite. One thing is guava paste used as a filling in little cookies or turnovers made from sweet cream cheese dough.

Another idea is to put a thin slice of guava paste between thin slices of a spicy salami. It is out of this world. You could easily serve it as party food.



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