fish with scallion oil Whole Fish with Scallion Oil Soleil Ho

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Soleil thinks of this oil as an elemental building block kind of seasoning. Think about drizzling it on sticky rice or rice noodles. It’s fantastic on grilled sweet corn, any grilled protein, or vegetable. And in the tradition of Soleil’s family, brush it on a freshly grilled baguette and eat it grill side while watching what’s cooking on the fire! 

Rice Noodles and Scallion Oil Rice Noodles and Scallion Oil Soleil Ho

The technique is ridiculously simple. Add chopped scallions to a neutral oil (vegetable, grapeseed, sunflower) and cook over very, very low heat until the scallions have wilted and their essence has infused into the oil. Do not let them sizzle! Add a pinch of sugar and salt, and your job is done. 

Store it covered in the refrigerator for up to one week. 

There are many recipes for Scallion Oil, and one we love is from Vietnamese chef Mai Pham‘s masterful book, Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table. Check it out here