peas love cookbook Peas Love and Carrots by Danielle Renov

When I was first married, my mother gave me a recipe from her close friend, Naomi, to make for shabbos. It was a version of this chicken that I tweaked and tweaked over the years to create this easy but flavorful chicken. What I really love about this dish is that it’s a cooked chicken that you can reheat or serve at room temperature for shabbos lunch because it is not saucy!


  • 12 chicken cutlets

  • 1 cup flour (I use spelt)

  • 2 tsp kosher salt, divided

  • 2 tsp coarsely ground black pepper, divided

  • 3 Tbsp oil, divided

  • 4 bell peppers (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 green), cut into 1/2 inch dice

  • 1 onion, diced

  • 4 cloves garlic, minced

  • 1/2 cup sherry or white wine

  • 1 1/4 cups chicken stock


Heat oven to 350°F.  Coat a baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.

In a large bowl, combine flour, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper.

Dip each cutlet into flour, shaking off excess.

Heat a large pan over medium heat.

Add 2 teaspoons oil; working in batches, brown chicken on both sides for 1 minute. Don’t cook through. Add oil as needed for each batch.

Transfer chicken to prepared baking dish. Set aside.

Once all the chicken has browned, add remaining oil to the pan along with peppers, onion, remaining teaspoon salt, and remaining teaspoon pepper. Cook, stirring, for about 10 minutes, until pepper and onions have softened and released their juices.

Add garlic; stir for 1 more minute.

Add wine; simmer for 4 minutes. Stir in chicken stock.

Pour all the veg and pan juices over the chicken in the baking dish. Bake about 35 minutes until the edges of the peppers slightly char.

Serve hot and enjoy.

Excerpted from Peas Love and Carrots by Danielle Renov. Copyright 2020 by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications, photos by Moshe Wulliger. Reproduced with permission of the copyright holder. All rights reserved.