Photos above: Jordana Rothman (left) and Julia Bainbridge

Jordana Rothman is a food writers who for years has covered the world of bartending with incredible style and intelligence. Julia Bainbridge is a writer, the host of The Lonely Hour podcast, and editor who’s tracked - and helped make - trends all over the country. The two of them have spent a lot of time in bars, restaurants, and parties, deep in the culture of drinking, and both have recently started to think more about the culture of not drinking. Julia Bainbridge has just written a book called Good Drinks about non-alcoholic beverages, and Jordana Rothman met up with her, to talk about what it means to be sober curious.

Some of the non-alcoholic options mentioned in the segment:

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Jordana Rothman
Jordana Rothman is a seasoned writer and editor, with a focus on American restaurant culture and a commitment to empowering marginalized voices in the food space. In 2015 she co-authored her first book, Tacos: Recipes + Provocations, with chef Alex Stupak of New York's Empellón restaurants; it was nominated for a James Beard Award and three IACP cookbook awards.