Step into the kitchen with Andrea Nguyen, author of Vietnamese Food Any Day, and learn how to make two of her favorite recipes. We met up with Andrea at The Linney Kitchen Studio in Minneapolis to shoot recipe videos for the essential Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce and the fun, festive Sizzling Rice Crepes (the sound of the sizzle alone makes this dish worth making!). As she points out, like all recipes in her book these dishes can be made with ingredients that have become more readily available most grocery stores in the U.S. We hope you enjoy our videos and try Andrea's recipes at your home... any day!


Andrea starts with nước chấm dipping sauce, the classic Vietnamese dipping sauce. She suggests making the easy recipe even easier by breaking it down into stages. Don't be afraid to add more lime juice, fish sauce or sugar to suit your taste and achieve your preferred balance of sour, sweet and salty. Recipe: Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce

Video: Andrea Nguyen makes Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce at The Linney Kitchen Studio


Then things really started to sizzle! Bánh xèo rice crepes are a southern Viet dish named for the sizzling sound they make while cooking and typically contain pork, shrimp, mushroom, and bean sprouts. Snipped or broken into pieces and eaten as lettuce-and-herb wraps with nước chấm dipping sauce, the crepes hit all pleasure centers. Recipe: Sizzling Rice Crepes

Video: Andrea Nguyen makes Sizzling Rice Crepes at The Linney Kitchen Studio

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