Above: Melissa Clark on stage with Francis Lam at Hot Docs Podcast Fest (left)
while Chef Joshna Maharaj tries to throw Melissa off her game in Stump the Cook.

Not to humble-brag (well, maybe just a little bit), but our show is old enough that we remember a time before podcasts. We’re actually celebrating our 25th anniversary as a radio show. And one of the classic segments that founding host Lynne Rosetto Kasper would do was a game called Stump the Cook, where a challenger would give her a list of ingredients from their fridge and she’d have to come up with a dish you would actually want to eat. We decided to revive Stump the Cook onstage at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival. We brought out the fearless Melissa Clark, host of our new podcast Weeknight Kitchen, to join Francis Lam, judges Matty Matheson and Suresh Doss, and her challenger, chef and food activist Joshna Maharaj

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