Chef Magnus Nilsson is the head chef of Fäviken restaurant in Sweden. Over the last six years, while running the world-famous kitchen, he also managed to find the time to travel to every region of every Nordic country to document how they cook and bake, and what they eat. That journey has culminated in two amazing documentary cookbooks, The Nordic Cookbook and his newest The Nordic Baking Book. Nilsson was a featured guest on our Daily Bread episode where he talked about his travels and the different ingredients and baked goods you'll find in the Nordics.

Our digital producer Chip Walton recently sat down with Nilsson during a book tour stop in the Twin Cities for a series of video intereviews. They discussed more in-depth the concept of fika, the diversity of food in the Nordics, the Scandinavian obsession with coffe, and Nilsson's photography work. You'll find the videos below.

Our dearest thanks to Karl Benson and his crew at Cooks of Crocus Hill for providing us the time and venue for the interview.

What is fika?

While the concept of fika is popular in many parts of the world, its home is in Sweden. Chef Magnus Nilsson talks about what fika has meant to the Swedish culture in the past, and how it still enjoyed today.


Coffee in the Nordics

Who doesn't love a cup - or two - of coffee? Chef Magnus Nilsson talks about the Nordic obsession with coffee and how plays into the daily fika.


The Nordic Baking Book

Chef Magnus Nilsson talks about the goal and journey of writing his latest book, The Nordic Baking Book.


Variety of Nordic Food

Here, talks about the diversity of foods that can be found in the Nordic countries.



Nilsson is not only the author of The Nordic Baking Book, he also did all the photography. Here, he discusses the advantages of that process when doing a documentary-style book.


Chip Walton
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