Bread is ever present in many cuisines. It's for mopping up juices, eating with butter or oil, or it's an art form to itself. We can’t think of a cuisine that puts its bread more front and center than the food of Ethiopia. Meals are served on a bread called injera as the plate. Injera is like a sour, spongy pancake. There is an fantastic Ethiopian restaurant in Brooklyn called Awash. Francis Lam visited the restaurant's owner Romeo Rogalli to learn more about Ethiopia's connection to injera and to get a lesson on making it at home. Try your hand at a similar 100 % Teff Injera recipe from Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez’s book The Hot Bread Kitchen.

Romeo Regalli, Francis Lam, Awash, Injera Awash owner Romeo Regalli and Francis Lam with freshly made injera. Photo: Erika Romero | The Splendid Table
Francis Lam
Francis Lam is the host of The Splendid Table. He is the former Eat columnist for The New York Times Magazine and is Editor-at-Large at Clarkson Potter. He graduated first in his class at the Culinary Institute of America and has written for numerous publications. Lam lives with his family in New York City.