The candy maker Jelly Belly has been pushing the limits of what jelly beans can taste like for years, usually with delicious results. Most of their flavors are sweet, fun and enjoyable. But the company has also perfected some of the most disgusting flavors on earth, and turned them into a game called Bean Boozled. The idea is each fantastic flavor of jelly bean has a dopplegänger jelly bean that is truly gag-worthy. Pop one into your mouth and you don't know if you're going to taste toasted marshmallow or stink bug, birthday cake or dirty dishwater, strawberry banana smoothie or dead fish. Our friends at America's Test Kitchen have a new podcast called PROOF. Sara Joyner is a producer for the podcast; she spent months reporting on a story about the worst jelly beans ever. Listen to an excerpt here and check out the full two-part episode of PROOF wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

bean boozled

Image from Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge website. Click to enlarge.

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