When it comes to pairing wine with seasonal specialties like artichokes, asparagus and morels, Joshua Wesson of Best Cellars says to think about balance.

Artichokes "sweeten" the palate, so you need to balance them with non-fruity, lemony, high-acid wines. Go for Muscadet, a sauvignon blanc from South Africa or New Zealand, or a bone-dry Mosel.

If asparagus and the acidic sauces that often accompany it are on the menu, balance the dish's pungency with a bit of fruit. Select a sauvignon blanc from California.

When serving morels, the wine to have is pinot noir.

Joshua Wesson
Once a hugely respected sommelier who reveled in the extravagance of princely pours, Josh now sips from the cups of carpenters in his quest for deliciousness.