Fruit authority David Karp spent five summers searching California for peaches and nectarines with that lush, old-fashioned flavor long gone from the sorry specimens found in supermarkets today. David eventually struck gold and reported his findings in an article titled "Premium Stone Fruit Varieties" which appeared in the May 23, 2001 issue of the Los Angeles Times.

When buying peaches, David recommends checking for full, lush aroma and freckled skin. Called "sugar spots," these freckles are an indication of intense sweetness.

If your travels take you to California in June and July, look for these varieties of peaches and nectarines at farmers' markets and farm stands:

Snow Queen White Nectarine: Medium to large in size with a slightly oblong shape, this nectarine has creamy white skin blushed with red and often freckled with "sugar spots." The dense, juicy, white flesh is very sweet, rich, and complex.

Goldbud Farms Fruit Stand
2501 Carson Road
Placerville, CA

Silver Logan White Peach: Large and roundish in shape, the milky white skin is blushed with crimson and the firm but melting white flesh has a rich, balanced flavor and honey-like aroma. One of the best white peach varieties.

Frog Hollow Farm
San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
Embarcadero and Green Streets
San Francisco

Baby Crawford Peach: Small to medium in size with slightly blushed golden yellow skin, juicy, golden orange flesh, and intense, classic peach taste.

Mariani Orchards Farm Stand
1615 Half Road
Morgan Hill, CA