Iced coffee is a deliciously refreshing way to enjoy your favorite coffees in warmer weather. Our preferred "Japanese" iced coffee method is a surefire formula for iced coffee success.


  • Fresh-roasted coffee

  • Hot water

  • Grinder

  • Measuring spoon or scale

  • Glass measuring container with 1 liter marker or 34 ounces marker


1. Measure and grind. Measure and grind coffee a little strong for the amount of water you are using. Try using 4.75 ounces of coffee for 34 fluid ounces of water (this translates to roughly 1 cup of ground coffee and 1 liter of water). Remember to adjust for taste!

2. Place ice in glass container. Fill a large pitcher or container with about 1.5 pounds or 24 ounces of ice.

3. Place brew basket above glass container. Put a filter basket (flat-bottom or cone) with the coffee atop the glass container, so that the coffee brews right on the ice.

4. Brew the coffee. Brew away, slowly pouring all the hot water to evenly saturate all the grounds for an even extraction.

5. Serve and enjoy. The melting ice contributes to the total water volume (1.5 liters) without weakening the beverage and the immediate cooling of the brewing coffee helps trap in some aromatics that other iced coffee processes don't. Delicious!

Recipe courtesy of Counter Culture Coffee Company.