This traditional pastime is a fun and easy method of divination that's perfect for those long gossipy talks with friends over a steaming cup of coffee, whether at your kitchen table or at the corner café.

Materials needed:

  • A cup of coffee

  • A spoon (preferably silver, but plastic will do in a pinch)

  • A sugar cube


Look first into the coffee, focusing upon your question. Your query need not concern love, but any area of your life for which you need clarification. As you focus, allow four possible outcomes or directions to come to you. Try not to come to the cup with predetermined ideas about this, but let your mind clear itself as you look into the blackness of the coffee. Then, as thoughts come to you, make a mental note of them until you have reached four possible outcomes. If a fifth or a sixth comes to you, do not include them and don't replace one of the first four with them. Fill your spoon with coffee. Hold it above the coffee cup and allow the liquid below to still itself. Place the sugar cube in your spoon, having assigned each corner an outcome. The side that crumbles into the coffee first has the most likelihood of happening, or the direction to take that will most likely be successful. If more than one corner should collapse simultaneously, the outcome is yet to be determined, with possibilities lying between the two.

Adapted from Café Nation: Coffee Folklore, Magick, and Divination by Sandra Mizumoto Posey.