Wind up Thanksgiving weekend with this easy supper. There's almost no cooking, the food is light yet so good, and with a simple broth and fresh apples for dessert, the menu is kind to waistlines.

You don't necessarily have to wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy it. Nothing is written in stone here. Do each dish as the recipe says and it will be excellent. But the whole concept of our Sunday suppers is everyone having a chance to express themselves.

So you could make the broth from any leftover poultry or meat bones. (Don't miss the wine trick in the recipe. It's a good tip to remember whenever you make soup.)

Sandwiches are all about improvisation. No leftover turkey? Use cheese, roasted vegetables, or any meat you like.

One last thought: Turn Sunday supper into an impromptu Sunday night party. Invite over the neighbors and ask the children to help everyone improvise their own sandwiches.