Taste Tests

One of the most underrated vinegars is apple cider vinegar. I tasted six brands and selected my favorite.
Which chicken broth should I use? This is maybe our most constant question from listeners. I lined up a gathering of nationally available brands found in most supermarkets and went to work with the can opener and a flight of saucepans.
When it comes to tomatoes, I can't hold back. I love them and I taste nearly every one I can find (at least every promising one), be they fresh or canned. It's always a-kid-on-Christmas-morning moment.
Soy sauce is one of the things you've got to have in your kitchen arsenal. It provides the flavor of umami, an essential component of many Asian dishes. But not all soy sauces are created equal. So we decided to put five national brands to the test.
Lynne ranks five garlic powders, which range in taste from fresh garlic to something you get on a bad pizza.