I adore making rhubarb pies (I prefer mine without strawberries and with a made-from-scratch crust.) But sometimes a girl needs something a little stronger than pie to get through the rest of the day. This is an especially nice way to celebrate a birthday that falls during rhubarb season. Mine is June 3rd, the height of rhubarb season and here is how I make birthday Rhubarbaritas:

  • Fresh organic rhubarb, as much as you have, cut into rough chunks
  • Simple syrup (2 parts water to one part sugar, boiled until sugar dissolves and liquid is clear) 

1. Place rhubarb chunks in saucepan and cover completely with simple syrup. Simmer until rhubarb falls into threads.

2. Cool in saucepan, then pour into cheesecloth draped in a strainer placed over a bowl. Allow to drip and then squeeze the last of the juice out of the rhubarb pulp.

3. Store juice in a bottle in the refrigerator until a Rhubarbarita urge strikes.

To celebrate that Rhubarbarita urge:

1. Put lots of crushed ice in a tumbler.

2. On top of the ice, pour equal amounts of rhubarb juice and a tasty tequila like Patron Gold. I suggest that this is not the moment to be shy or to go light

3. Stir and adjust sweetness level by squeezing fresh lime into the glass.

4. Sip, sing "Happy Birthday" really loudly, and kiss everybody at your party.

5. For the adorable little kiddies at the party, add rhubarb juice to fresh lemonade for a fun, non-alcoholic drink.
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