History of Sauces

January 29, 2019
Listen: History of Sauces

How important are sauces in the world of food? In French kitchens, the most respected cook is the saucier – the person who makes the sauces. You can’t have tacos without salsa. And, Beyoncé keeps hot sauce in her bag. So, obviously, sauces are essential. But what is a sauce? And how did we start making them? Maryann Tebben is a food historian, the head of the Center for Food Studies at Bard College at Simon Rock, and wrote an entire book on the subject called Sauces: A Global History. Contributor Noelle Carter talked with Tebben about the origins of sauces, the difficulty of defining them throughout the centuries, and what the saucy future looks like. If they inspire you to make your own sauces at home, check out "Five sauces that bring a world of flavor into your kitchen," plus our Sauce Recipe Collections on our website and on Pinterest.