Episode 795: Iconic Midwestern Food with Paul Fehribach and George Motz

January 12, 2024
Listen: Iconic Midwestern Food with Paul Fehribach and George Motz
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This week, we explore some of the iconic dishes of the Midwest. First, we talked to chef Paul Fehribach about Midwestern cuisine and the history of its unique dishes as they evolved from generations of immigrants. From the evolution of Midwestern-style barbecue to Cincinnati chili, considered by Paul to be one of the oldest examples of fusion cooking. Paul Fehribach is the author of Midwestern Food, A Chef’s Guide to the Surprising History of a Great American CuisineThen, we take a field trip to New York City and visit Burger Scholar George Motz at his new restaurant, Hamburger America, to see what makes an epic hamburger. He walks us through some of the most iconic burgers he’s tasted, their histories, and their different cooking techniques. George Motz is a filmmaker and author. His latest book is The Great American Burger Book.

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  • January 12, 2024 (originally aired)

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