Episode 53: Major Jackson’s Long-Lost Recipe for Chicken Big Mamou

April 25, 2023
Listen: Major Jackson’s Long-Lost Recipe for Chicken Big Mamou
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When Major Jackson was fresh out of college, he found a Cajun restaurant in Philadelphia that had the best Chicken Big Mamou he’d ever had. When the restaurant closed he tried to recreate the recipe but it never came out quite right. That is, not until one of our producers did some digging and found the original recipe for him. This week he joins Jesse to talk about the beloved Philadelphia restaurant, Magnolia Café, and their unforgettable recipe for Chicken Big Mamou: A spicy, but comforting pasta dish full of flavor and history. Major Jackson is a poet, professor, and the host of The Slowdown a daily poetry podcast from APM Studios. You can follow him on Instagram @poetmajorjackson.

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