Episode 761: On the Road - Seattle

July 15, 2022
Listen: On the Road - Seattle
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We took the show on the road and recorded a live event with KUOW about Seattle’s legendary culinary scene. We met up with some of the people who make the city a vibrant place to eat and cook. We spoke to KUOW’s reporter Ruby DeLuna and bestselling cookbook author Kenji Lopez Alt about where to eat. Kara Martin, Program Director of the Food Innovation Network talks to us about Spice Bridge, a food hall dedicated to refugee and immigrant chefs. Also joining us was one of those chefs, Theary Ngeth, the chef of Theary Cambodian Foods, and Angela Dunleavy and Carlin Llorente of FareStart, an organization that helps people break the cycle of poverty with job and life skills training.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • July 15, 2022 (originally aired)