At the Intersection of Food and Mental Health

May 7, 2019
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So often, conversations regarding healthy eating go straight to health matters below the neck - things like weight management, heart health, managing cholesterol and diabetes.  But some doctors believe that we should be focused on feeding what’s above the neck – our brains.  Dr. Drew Ramsey calls himself a nutritional psychiatrist. He’s an avid researcher of the connection between food, brain function, and mental health at Columbia University – and, he’s a farmer. Contributor Shauna Sever spoke to Dr. Ramsey about his work and how we can work more brain-boosting foods into our diet.

This story is part of a larger collaborative partnership with our colleagues at Call To Mind, an initiative from American Public Media to foster new conversations about mental health, for Mental Health Awareness Month. Listen to our full episode Food & Mental Health, in which we spend the entire hour exploring issues around food and mental health. The show features a conversation with Chef David McMillan about substance use disorder and recovery in the restaurant world.  Activist Virgie Tovar talks to us about fat discrimination, shame and body image. And, we hear from playwright and screenwriter Stephanie Covington Armstrong about her very personal experience with an eating disorder.

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  • May 7, 2019