Episode 375: Happy Thanksgiving

November 17, 2007
Listen: Happy Thanksgiving

This week it's our annual Thanksgiving show. We're bringing you a line up of experts for a look at why we eat what we eat on this day. Chef Jonathan Waxman, author of A Great American Cook, tells how he and his little daughter lay out the feast. His recipe for Apple and Chicken Liver Mousse is to die for and guaranteed to keep hungry relatives at bay while the turkey cooks.

It's an early morning carbo-loaders dream breakfast for Jane and Michael Stern at the Kozy Korner Café and Bar in Winnett, Montana.

Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, is back with a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast that will knock anyone's socks off. For turkey eaters, Lynne's Fast and Crisp Roast Turkey Scented with Apple and Basil fills the bill.

Those sweet potatoes with marshmallows that appear on many holiday tables may trace their beginnings back to an ancient Arab medical handbook according to Yale history professor Paul Freedman, author of Food: The History of Taste. He joins us for a look at what shaped our tastes for this holiday.

We have a post-punk Thanksgiving for vegans; and Mary Murray Bosrock, author of Asian Business Customs & Manners: A Country-by-Country Guide gives a lesson in etiquette from across the sea.

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  • November 17, 2007