Episode 357: Encyclopedia of Junk Food

May 12, 2007
Listen: Encyclopedia of Junk Food

This week it's a scholarly look at junk food and fast food through the eyes of American food historian Andrew Smith. He tells how it all started and claims that between the Erie Canal and Ben Franklin our destiny had nowhere else to go. Mr. Smith is the author ofThe Junk Food Encyclopedia.

The Sterns report from beautiful Manchester, Vermont where they're feasting on a curious mix of goodness called Wild Turkey Hash at Up for Breakfast.

Lynne talks spring lamb and new potatoes in her simple and luscious recipe for Ninth-Night Lamb, a dish she first tasted at a guest farm in Italy's Puglia region.

Food & Wine magazine's Senior Wine Editor Ray Isle shares some little known tips for finding Good Wines for $10 and Under.

Botany professor Dr. Peter Gail wants us to rethink the vegetable garden—as in weeds are good! Dr. Gail leaves us his recipe for Dandelion Flower Cookies, just one of many from his repertoire.

We'll have another round of our popular refrigerator game, Stump the Cook, with Lynne and celebrity Stump Master Christopher Kimball, and Molly Sullivan steers us to a good time in Vegas. She's a co-author of Las Vegas Little Red Book: A Girl's Guide to the Perfect Vegas Getaway.

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  • May 12, 2007