Episode 340: Café Pasqual

October 20, 2007
Listen: Café Pasqual

This week we're off to Santa Fe for a visit at a destination restaurant that never lost its heart. After 20 years Café Pasqual still shines, the food is still dynamite, and the service is still a hoot. Our guide is the woman who makes it all happen: restaurateur Katharine Kagel. She shares a seasonal recipe—Sugar Pumpkins Filled with Vegetable Stew in Chipotle Cream Sauce—from her book, Cooking with Café Pasqual's: Recipes from Santa Fe's Renowned Corner Café.

It's Code 10 Chili at Noon Break in Cody, Wyoming for our road food duo, Jane and Michael Stern. Anya Von Bremzen, author of The New Spanish Table, has the scoop on the mother of all paprikas: Spain's smoky-rich pimenton. Anya's recipe for Smokey Mashed Potatoes from Extremadura highlights this luxurious spice.

Commentator Julie Hauserman tells how Florida has finally put her tax dollars to work—in the kitchen. Beer historian Alan Eames, author of The Secret Life of Beer, claims the Halloween witch was a beauty, a healer, and she made beer. What a gal! Alan tells all.  We have the story of pasta, Holy Communion and the eye of artist Lisa Venditelli, and Lynne brings us her Short Apple Cooking Guide.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • October 28, 2006 (originally aired)

  • October 20, 2007 (rebroadcast)