Episode 324: Wine Style

February 24, 2007
Listen: Wine Style

This week Mary Ewing-Mulligan puts wine where she thinks it belongs: it's all about taste. Mary claims quality is second to flavor, geography is more important than the grape, and a number on the bottle can help us match a wine to a menu. Mary's new book is Wine Style: Earthy Whites to Powerful Reds: Using Your Senses to Explore and Enjoy Wine.

The Sterns have found the ultimate babka and bagels of their dreams in Montreal. Who knew? Vegetable gardening expert Jack Staub shares new ideas for gardeners and mail order seed sources. How about sweet little pocket melons, super lush tomatoes and day-glo lettuce for your garden this year? Jack is the author of 75 Exciting Vegetables for Your Garden.

Julie Hauserman fills us in on the Florida tomato fight that's all about appearance over flavor. Our very popular refrigerator game, Stump the Cook, is back with Lynne and Stump Master Christopher Kimball! We return to the MIT Media Lab for dinner plates you toss when you're finished eating ... and make new ones whenever you want.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • March 4, 2006 (originally aired)

  • February 24, 2007 (rebroadcast)