Episode 299: Frank Stitt's Southern Table

June 10, 2006
Listen: Frank Stitt's Southern Table

Award-winning chef Frank Stitt put Alabama on the gastronomic map with his mecca of great eating, Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham. He joins us this week to talk the return of the South's culinary glory days, a renaissance in which he plays a major role. The recipe for Miss Verba's Pimiento Cheese is from his new book, Frank Stitt's Southern Table: Recipes and Gracious Traditions from Highlands Bar and Grill.

For the Sterns it's all about chicken wings at Dem Wangs in Memphis. Lynne's theory about the popularity of wings is apparent in her fabulous Mahogany Chicken Wings.

Herb expert and chef Jerry Traunfeld is back to talk fennel pollen. His recipe for Fennel Blossom Soup could result in some very ticked off bees!

We meet up with Tane Chan, the "wok woman" of San Francisco's Chinatown, who tells us how to pick the perfect wok. Find yours at her Wok Shop.

Manhattan's irreverent caterer to the stars, Serena Bass, has tips for effortless spring entertaining and shares a Spring Dinner Menu from her book, Serena, Food & Stories: Feeding Friends Every Hour of the Day.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • May 7, 2005 (originally aired)

  • June 10, 2006 (rebroadcast)