Episode 282: Indian Home Cooking

November 26, 2005
Listen: Indian Home Cooking

This week's guest could be New York's next star chef. He's Suvir Saran, author of Indian Home Cooking. His food is all about clear, singing flavors and simple, light dishes. Tomato Rasam is a fine example.

The Sterns are munching sopaipillas dipped in liquid sunshine at the Plaza Café, Santa Fe's oldest restaurant.

Steve Jenkins introduces us to lush gooey cheeses, the ones he calls the "cheeses of a lifetime."

Britain's beloved food writer Nigel Slater tells of a fragile mother-son relationship forged in the kitchen from his heartbreakingly funny memoir TOAST: The Story of a Boy's Hunger.

Sally Schneider talks winter squash and leaves us her delicious recipe for Roasted Winter Squash Slices. Finally, we'll hear about an unusual pizza unique to the upper Midwest and Fox's Pizza Den.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • October 9, 2004 (originally aired)

  • November 26, 2005 (rebroadcast)