Episode 268: Cooking by Hand

April 23, 2005
Listen: Cooking by Hand

California Chef Paul Bertolli, author of Cooking by Hand, gives new meaning to "cooking from scratch." He makes his own balsamic vinegar, cures his own salami and hams and grinds his own flours. We'll learn what drives this talented artisan and owner of the award-winning restaurant Oliveto in North Berkley. He leaves us with his recipe for Boiled Chicken with Vinegar Sauce.

The Sterns are surrounded by teddy bears and scented candles as they dine on clam hash and Grape Nuts pudding at Pat's Kountry Kitchen in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Wine maverick Joshua Wesson has traded hearty winter reds for bargain-priced spring wines from France, and Max Jacobson has an insider's guide to Las Vegas restaurants. We'll check out a new take on dinner theater in New York, and hear about what happened when one company decided to apply their salmon freezing techniques to lobster.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • April 3, 2004 (originally aired)

  • April 23, 2005 (rebroadcast)