Episode 248: Food, Sex, and Foraging

August 28, 2004
Listen: Food, Sex, and Foraging

This week it's food and the sexes. Naturalist Susan Allport, author of Primal Feast, examines how gender shapes food behavior for humans and other animals. It's an interesting take on food, foraging, and sex in the animal world.

The Sterns are into Hot Truck, a deeply local specialty of Ithaca, New York. Wine maverick Josh Wesson has advice for wines to drink with sweet corn. Dorie Greenspan checks out the best gadgets for saving leftover wine.

We'll hear the story of a local hero and his giant tomato, and Dave Hirschkop, author of Crazy from the Heat, tells us about his chili sauce creation that was so hot it was banned from the fiery food show.

It's tomato season, the time of year that's sheer bliss for Lynne. She's been in the kitchen concocting a Big Tomato Sweet-Sour Salad and "Drippy" Mexican Sweet Corn.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • August 16, 2003 (originally aired)

  • August 28, 2004 (rebroadcast)